Brightful Icebreaker Games for Team Meetings. Choose from over 500 would you rather and ice breaker questions to loosen everybody before your remote meetings!

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Just because you've moved your meetings online, it doesn't mean that you have to lose the human connection. Play our games to spark excitement and laughter in your virtual gathering.

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Meeting Games

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Would You Rather

Would You Rather

2 - 25 recommended (Max. 100)

The classic question game that stretches your imagination with outlandish hypothetical scenarios. There are no right or wrong answers.

Spot My Lie

Spot My Lie

3 - 10 recommended

Give three answers to a question about yourself. The twist is that one of those questions will be completely false. Pick the lie and trick others.


Werewolf (Beta)

8 - 16 recommended (Min. 6)

A social deduction game that will keep you guessing. Survive through the night as a villager or become a silent killer. Will you find the werewolf before it's too late? (More roles coming soon!)

Q of the Day

Q of the Day

2 - 10 recommended

Get to know people better by asking them a thought provoking ice breaker question. Share your life experience, funny anecdotes or completely wild imagination!

Fast Paced Games

Draw It!

Draw It!

2 - 50 recommended (Max. 100)

A fast paced guessing game that puts your artistic talents to the test. Doodles, stick figures and sense of humor are also welcome.

Describe It!

Describe It!

3 - 25 recommended (Max. 100)

Ever have a word that's been stuck on the tip of your tongue? Describe It! is a game where you're allowed to say anything except the word itself.



2 - 50 recommended (Max. 100)

Put your general knowledge to the test and battle it out to see who will be crowned King or Queen of Trivia. No Googling!



6 - 16 recommended (Min. 4)

In a game of wit and deception, it’s a race to either decipher the secret word or figure out who is the Mimic!

Werewolf (Beta)

8 - 16 recommended (Min. 6)

A social deduction game that will keep you guessing. Survive through the night as a villager or become a silent killer.


2 - 5

One of the best-known card games. Be the first to get rid of all your cards by creating melds.


3 - 5

A game of skill and surprising subtleties. Avoid taking tricks that contain hearts.

Gin Rummy


Collect cards into melds and have as little deadwood as possible at the end of a game.

Customized Games

With Customized Games, you can now make our games truly your own. Play Describe It or Draw It with words from your industry, or even make a Trivia based on your company's Wiki.

Publish your games for other Brightful members to enjoy, or browse what the community have already made.

Connect Deeper with One Another

Social distancing has changed how we connect with one another. We believe that although our meetings have moved online, we don't have to give up on those little human interactions that help people grow closer. Our mission is to bring joy into your online meetings.
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