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Kick off your next meeting in style with a fun icebreaker game? Kick off your next meeting in style with a fun icebreaker game?

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Break the ice with fun games

Host Trivia to boost friendly competition or a drawing game to bring out participants’ creativity. We offer a huge catalog of games that get everyone talking.

Create your own content
Create your own content

Play Charades with words from your industry, or even make a Trivia quiz based on your company's Wiki. Customize our games to suit your needs and make them truly your own.

Your can customize our games with your own content!

Get instant feedback and insights

Looking to capture your audience's thoughts on-the-spot? Elevate your event experience with live polls. Get instant feedback and make informed decisions to keep your audience engaged and satisfied.

Empower audiences to ask questions

Create an inclusive environment for questions, where everyone has a chance to participate. With the ability to ask questions anonymously and upvote the most relevant inquiries, your team can uncover the most pressing issues and gain valuable insights.

Collect questions anytime
Empower audiences to ask questions
Let people upvote questions
Empower audiences to ask questions
Choose a question to answer
Empower audiences to ask questions

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 Get everyone talking Simply need a topic to spark conversation in your meeting or event? Spark conversation with ease

We have a diverse library of icebreaker questions, short videos or articles for you to get people talking, laughing, or asking 'why'. Never have to worry about awkward silences again.

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Conversation Starters

Need something to spark conversation or get people talking to kickstart your next team meeting? We have a wide range of conversation starters.


Boost team bonding on Slack!

With our automated activities and games, you can experience effortless team-building with your remote team on Slack.

Boost team bonding on Slack!
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