Virtual Trivia games are an appealing way for remote teams to develop relationships while learning some intriguing information. One of the best things about Zoom is that it grants the user the ability to share their screen with the rest of the people in the call.

The screen share feature is especially beneficial for games and challenges with remote teammates - allowing you to play virtual games on Zoom. For this post, we are going to share with you a list of fun quiz games online that you can play with your remote team over Zoom to have a fun virtual trivia night! These games will undoubtedly have everyone laughing themselves red and spending some quality time with each other.

10 Best Virtual Trivia Games


Brightful Is a platform where you can play an assortment of games with your remote team. The trivia game for Brightful allows you to test out the general knowledge of your remote team and have them battle it out to see who will become the crowning champion of Trivia Night. The rooms can hold between two to fifty players, so if you have a huge team or wish to invite others from another department, then you will have the room to do so. The game is easy to set up as well. All you need to do is sign up, choose the game, and send the link to your remote team.

Brightful also has a community of games, enabling users to make customized games. These custom games can be used to create trivia questions related to your organization or industry. These fun quiz games online can also be published for other Brightful members to enjoy, or you can browse their massive catalog of trivia online games created by other users.


If you are interested in creating a virtual trivia game to test your remote team's knowledge about your organization or industry, Quizmiaker has you covered. Users can customize their quiz to the font with their web client. Select from varying themes and backgrounds, or upload your own background for an enjoyable surprise. When you are ready to start the game, share the screen with the rest of your remote team. Once everyone has a view of the screen, make them choose the correct answers and choose it for them when they answer.

3.Virtual Live Trivia by Sporcle

One of the cons about remote working is that you can’t invite your team to head out to the nearest pub after weeks of hard work. Fortunately, Zoom has made it possible to keep that magic alive in some way. And what’s a night out to a pub without a trivia night?

With Sporcle, you and your remote team can grab a drink of choice and do a virtual trivia night from the comfort of your home. Sporcle is an excellent virtual trivia night option where you can sign up for a time slot, invite your colleagues, and meet on a Zoom call. They even provide players with the opportunity to win prizes, making it an exciting event for everyone to enjoy and potentially win something.

4.Knockout Trivia

Knockout Trivia is a virtual trivia game where the players need to guess the correct answer to advance or get knocked out for giving the wrong answers. Furthermore, the game allows you to create your own trivia league. When you build your own association, you can send the link out to your team members to join in on the action. The creation of this group generates a website that hosts your league and everything. Once your association is established, you and your team can compete against others to win an actual cash prize.


TriviaHub initially launched in 2019 and was created to make it easier for any remote team to host a virtual trivia night. They achieve this by driving engagement and entertainment. TriviaHub can host a gaming experience that effortlessly gathers your remote, hybrid, or in-person employees. All you need to do is choose from one of their excellent and passionate hosts to get started on your exciting night of Trivia.

6.Jackbox Games Trivia Murder Party

Jackbox Games has provided an assortment of virtual games that can be played by remote teams anywhere in the world. One of the games was made with an amusing twist, Trivia Murder Party. This trivia game grants the players an additional incentive to answer trivia questions correctly. If a player gets it wrong, they will end up at “The Killing Floor” to compete against other players to see who survives the round or gets turned into a ghost. Remember, this game does need to be purchased. The host will want to share the screen with the rest of the team on Zoom while the rest play.


Queendom has a massive archive filled with quizzes, tests, polls, and more. If you click on the Trivia section, you will see a significant number of categories and subcategories. All you need to do is select a particular quiz to host. Some categories you can expect from Queendom include gaming facts, world capitals, greek mythology, American history, food, famous couples, and many more. Once you’ve hosted the trivia content, share your screen and get started on answering those questions.

8.Random Trivia Generator

Random Trivia Generator is one of many free online trivia games for groups that provides you and your team with an assortment of categories to battle it out in one of the most exciting trivia nights ever. The platform presents you with six categories to choose from that shall have a topic suitable for everyone - The questions are regularly updated with new questions, so you can check back every once in a while to play the latest trivia questions. To play this, one person can host and share the website on their screen and go through each question as to the event host. They can also keep scores for each team that answers the trivia questions correctly.


GameApart is an excellent platform that provides you with an exciting virtual trivia game. The only thing you need to do is connect with your team on Zoom, log into GameApart, and share the screen with everyone. All of your remote team members need to log in as well using the link you provided them, and your trivia night can finally get started.


TriviaMaker is an excellent platform for anyone who wishes to make their next trivia night with their teams a massive hit. TriviaMaker has four varying game styles to choose from, such as list, grid, wheel, and trivia. Choose a design that will work best for your next trivia online, and TriviaMaker will handle everything else.

Bonus: League of Quiz

A recent addition to the many trivia options to choose from is the free Android trivia game  ‘League of Quiz’. It allows you to play Trivia in multiple game modes and styles. Especially if you are looking to play Trivia Pursuit online, this is for you. You can play with friends, or if you feel like a challenge: compete with random players around the world as part of the seasonal ‘ELO League’ to see who’s the best player.  You can even set up your own private trivia tournaments to play only with colleagues or family members.

If you want more ideas for activities or other virtual games to play on Zoom that will serve as great team building activities, read our suggestions for great 5-minute team building activities or check out this list of the 100 best virtual team building activities.

FAQs about online Trivia Games

1 . What type of topics can my virtual trivia game cover?

This is one of the best points about a Trivia quiz: anything goes when it comes to what type of questions you want to include! You can either pick from a few topics of interest (science, pop culture, geography etc.) to offer a diverse range of trivia questions, or make your quiz focused on a certain theme/topic (e.g Harry Potter Trivia).

2.I want to make my virtual Trivia game a little more interesting or challenging? What additional features or gameplay elements could I add?

There are a few ways you can introduce handicaps or additional gameplay features to make for a more interesting trivia game, even on a virtual trivia quiz.

For example: you could introduce ‘power ups’ that grant players temporary abilities to increase their chances of getting a question correct (e.g 50/50: take away half of the incorrect answers), or offer double the points for those that correctly answer more difficult questions.

3 . Would I need to designate someone as the scorekeeper?

If you are playing trivia online, the Trivia software/platform takes care of this automatically.

4 . Can I save or print hard copies of questions & answers for future reference?

Yes. Most trivia online platforms have an option for you to download and print copies of trivia questions/answers.


Trivia night is an exciting time for everyone involved. During your next Zoom meeting, when you set aside some time for a trivia night, make sure you check out these platforms. Every one of them will provide you and your team with an endless amount of excitement and laughter.

Further Reading

Trivia night is an exciting time for everyone involved. During your next Zoom meeting, when you set aside some time for virtual trivia nights, make sure you check out these platforms. Every one of these ways to play trivia online will provide you and your team with an endless amount of excitement and laughter.

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