Fancy yourself a bit of a history buff? Is your head filled with dates, names, and historical events that others have long forgotten? It's your time to shine, with our History Trivia questions.

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50+ of the best History Trivia Questions

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Q: Which of these countries was sea charted in 1500 by the Portuguese maritime explorations?

A: Brazil

Q: Which naval battle was considered the turning point of the Pacific Ocean Theater during World War 2?

A: Battle of Midway

Q: How many manned moon landings have there been?

A: 6

Q: What historical event was Tchaikovsky's 1812 Overture referencing?

A: The Napoleonic Wars

Q: What number does the Roman numeral D stand for?

A: 500

Q: Which one of these tanks was designed and operated by the United Kingdom?

A: Tog II

Q: The crown of the Empire State Building was originally built for what purpose?

A: Airship Dock

Q: Which country had an Orange Revolution between 2004 and 2005?

A: Ukraine

Q: When did Jamaica receive its independence from England?

A: 1962

Q: The Herero genocide was perpetrated in Africa by which of the following colonial nations?

A: Germany

Q: On which day did ARPANET suffer a 4 hour long network crash?

A: 29521

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Q: TRUE or FALSE - The United States was a member of the League of Nations.


Q: When was The Gadget, the first nuclear device to be detonated, tested?

A: 16634

Q: What year did the Battle of Agincourt take place?

A: 1415

Q: When did Canada leave the confederation to become their own nation?

A: July 1st, 1867

Q: During the Wars of the Roses (1455 - 1487) which Englishman was dubbed the Kingmaker?

A: Richard Neville

Q: In what year did the North American Video Game Crash occur?

A: 1983

Q: TRUE or FALSE - United States President John F. Kennedy was assassinated during his presidential motorcade in Atlanta, Georgia on November 22nd, 1963.


Q: Bohdan Khmelnytsky was which of the following?

A: Leader of the Ukrainian Cossacks

Q: TRUE or FALSE - Adolf Hitler was a german soldier in World War I.


Q: Where and when was the first cardboard box made for industrial use?

A: England, 1817

Q: Adolf Hitler was born on which date?

A: -3906

Q: In which year did the Tokyo Subway Sarin Attack occur?

A: 1995

Q: What nationality was sultan Saladin?

A: Kurdish

Q: What year was the United States Declaration of Independence signed?

A: 1776

Q: What was the first sport to have been played on the moon?

A: Golf

Q: Which American civilization is the source of the belief that the world would end or drastically change on December 21st, 2012?

A: The Mayans

Q: When Christopher Columbus sailed to America, what was the first region he arrived in?

A: The Bahamas Archipelago

Q: What was the bloodiest single-day battle during the American Civil War?

A: The Battle of Antietam

Q: Which historical conflict killed the most people?

A: World War II

Q: When was the city of Rome, Italy founded?

A: 753 BCE

Q: Which U.S. president took part in the Potsdam Conference, where the Allies reached a peace settlement with Germany?

A: Harry S. Truman

Q: How many women joined the United States Armed Services during World War II?

A: 350000

Q: The Fallingwater House, located in Pennsylvania, was designed by which architect?

A: Frank Lloyd Wright

Q: In what year did Kentucky become the 15th state to join the union?

A: 1792

Q: What was the aim of the Umbrella Revolution in Hong Kong in 2014?

A: Genuine universal suffrage

Q: In what year did the Berlin Wall fall?

A: 1989

Q: What was the original name of New York City?

A: New Amsterdam

Q: In 1961, an American B-52 aircraft crashed and nearly detonated two 4mt nuclear bombs over which US city?

A: Goldsboro, North Carolina

Q: When was the People's Republic of China founded?

A: 18172

Q: What did the abbreviation RMS stand for in the RMS Titanic in 1912?

A: Royal Mail Ship

Q: Which country was Josef Stalin born in?

A: Georgia

Q: When did construction of the Suez Canal finish?

A: 1869

Q: What year did the Vietnam War end?

A: 1975

Q: Which King of England was faced with the Peasants' Revolt in 1381?

A: Richard II

Q: What was the name commonly given to the ancient trade routes that connected the East and West of Eurasia?

A: Silk Road

Q: Which of the following is not in the Indo-European language family?

A: Finnish

Q: TRUE or FALSE - The man that shot Alexander Hamilton was named Aaron Burr.


Q: Who was the first Chancellor of a united Germany in 1871?

A: Otto Von Bismark

Q: In what year did Texas secede from Mexico?

A: 1836