While working remotely has its benefits, ensuring workers’ mental health and emotions are in check are just as important as in a physical workplace. Our articles advising how to maintain self-care and well-being as a remote worker or workforce can offer ideas on how to implement strategies to reduce the likelihood of burnout and stress among employees.

Start Here - Why it's important to care

If you don’t know where to start or worried as to how taking care of your remote workplace’s wellness can be done, these articles can help get you started. Understand the importance of maintaining wellness among remote workers, ensuring their mental health can be cared for; even from a remote environment.

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The benefits of Meditation in the remote workplace

The practice and inclusion of meditation in the remote workplace, is a good way to start building a sense of wellbeing among your remote employees. Read more about its benefits and how you can introduce the practice to your virtual meetings.

How meditation can help with increasing team productivity

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Reducing stress among remote employees

Stress can affect everyone, even when you are working remotely, without the usual daily stress triggers that come with a traditional office environment. If you are a team leader or manager looking for how to reduce stress among remote employees, these articles provide great advice on how to promote stress relief and management.

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Optimizing strategies to reduce burnout

Burnout can affect everyone, the effects amplified more so by a lack of support system within a remote working environment. Learn through these articles on how to pick up the signs of burnout among your team members, before it gets out of hand and impacts productivity.

How to help your remote workers avoid burnout

How to support the mental health of remote workers

Digital solutions to maintain well-being

As the saying goes: “There’s an app for that.” Read on for recommendations on apps team members can download and use in their spare time to destress, meditate, and prevent burnout.

The best mental health apps

The best meditation apps for remote workers

The best activities to promote well-being

One of the best ways to encourage your remote workforce to take care of themselves and check in with their colleagues, is to regularly participate in team activities and exercises. While you may not be able to do them in person, online services like Brightful can allow your team to bond socially during your team Zoom meeting. Brightful even offers self-care focused activities such as Guided Meditation to allow everyone to relax, destress, and refocus.