Fancy yourself a trivia whizz? Looking to hone your skills or practice at home before your next trivia night at the pub? Well, you've come to the right place. We've got 100+ trivia questions across all the main trivia categories for you to practice amongst yourself, your friends or your family. You may think you know everything about one topic, but we all know the true trivia champs are the ones who are well versed in all trivia categories. In this list, we've included the most popular trivia categories, so look no further.

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Book Trivia Questions

Q: Who wrote the novel "Moby-Dick"?

A: Herman Melville

Q: How many books are in the Chronicles of Narnia series?

A: 7

Q: What was the name of Captain Nemo's submarine in "20,000 Leagues Under the Sea"?

A: The Nautilus

Q: Which of the following is the world's best-selling book?

A: The Lord of the Rings

Q: In the Lord of the Rings, who is the father of the dwarf Gimli?

A: Gloin

Q: By what nickname is Jack Dawkins known in the Charles Dickens novel, 'Oliver Twist'?

A: The Artful Dodger

Q: What is the name of the three headed dog in Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone?

A: Fluffy

Q: What is the name of the protagonist of J.D. Salinger's novel Catcher in the Rye?

A: Holden Caulfield

Q: The book "Fahrenheit 451" was written by whom?

A: Ray Bradbury

Q: In which classic novel is there a character named Homer Simpson?

A: The Day of the Locust

Film Trivia Questions

Q: Which of the following was not one of "The Magnificent Seven"?

A: Clint Eastwood

Q: What was the title of the first Bond movie, released in 1962?

A: Dr. No

Q: Which iconic character is featured in movies such as "The Enforcer", "Sudden Impact", and "The Dead Pool"?

A: Dirty Harry

Q: In the 1994 movie "Speed", what is the minimum speed the bus must go to prevent to bomb from exploding?

A: 50 mph

Q: True Or False - "Minions" was released on the June 10th, 2015.


Q: In the 1995 film "Balto", who are Steele's accomplices?

A: Kaltag, Nikki, and Star

Q: What Queen song plays during the final fight scene of the film "Hardcore Henry"?

A: Don't Stop Me Now

Q: For the film "Raiders of The Lost Ark", what was Harrison Ford sick with during the filming of the Cairo chase?

A: Dysentery

Q: In the 2014 film "Birdman", what is the primary instrument in the score?

A: Drums

Q: True Or False - The original ending of "Little Shop Of Horrors" has the plants taking over the world.


Music Trivia Questions

Q: What is not a wind instrument?

A: Viola

Q: True Or False - In 2015, David Hasselhof released a single called...

A: True Survivor

Q: Which of these aliases has NOT been used by electronic musician Aphex Twin?

A: Burial

Q: Which artist collaborated with American DJ Dillon Francis to release the song 2016 "Need You"?


Q: "Drink the Sea" is an album by which electronic music artist?

A: The Glitch Mob

Q: In 2006, which band released their debut album "A Fever You Can't Sweat Out"?

A: Panic! At the Disco

Q: True Or False - Pink Guy's debut album was "Pink Season".


Q: The Who's eponymous line, "Teenage Wasteland", appears in which of their songs?

A: Baba O' Riley

Q: Which of the following songs did Elton John perform following Princess Diane's passing?

A: Candles in the Wind

Television Trivia Questions

Q: Which company has exclusive rights to air episodes of the "The Grand Tour"?

A: Amazon

Q: In Supernatural, what's  Sam's brother’s name?

A: Dean

Q: What is the surname of the character Daryl in AMC's show The Walking Dead?

A: Dixon

Q: What is the name of the main character in "The Flash" TV series?

A: Barry Allen

Q: True Or False - In Battlestar Galactica (2004), Cylons were created by man as cybernetic workers and soldiers.


Q: True Or False - Who was the winner of the 2016 WWE Royal Rumble?

A: Triple H

Q: True Or False - The Klingon home planet is Qo'noS.


Q: Which of the following actors portrayed the Ninth Doctor in the British television show "Doctor Who"?

A: Christopher Eccleston

Q: Which actor portrays "Walter White" in the series "Breaking Bad"?

A: Bryan Cranston

Q: Which boxing personality was one of the presenters in the 1999 revival of It's a Knockout?

A: Frank Bruno

Science & Nature Trivia Questions

Q: What is the "powerhouse" of the Eukaryotic animal cell?

A: Mitochondria

Q: What is the elemental symbol for mercury?

A: Hg

Q: What is the scientific name of the knee cap?

A: Patella

Q: If you planted the seeds of Quercus robur what would grow?

A: Trees

Q: What is the atomic number of the element Strontium?

A: 38

Q: The asteroid belt is located between which two planets?

A: Mars and Jupiter

Q: True Or False - An average human can go two weeks without water.


Q: Which planet did the "Viking 1" spacecraft send surface images of, starting in 1976?

A: Mars

Q: What do you study if you are studying entomology?

A: Insects

Q: The medial meniscus forms which part of what joint in the human body?

A: Knee

Sports Trivia Questions

Q: Which of the following sports is not part of the triathlon?

A: Horse-Riding

Q: What cricketing term denotes a batsman being dismissed with a score of zero?

A: Duck

Q: In baseball, how many fouls are an out?

A: 0

Q: The F1 season of 1994 is remembered for what tragic event?

A: Death of Ayrton Senna (San Marino)

Q: Which team was the 2015-2016 NBA Champions?

A: Cleveland Cavaliers

Q: True Or False - In association football, or soccer, a corner kick is when the game restarts after someone scores a goal.


Q: Who won the 2015 College Football Playoff (CFP) National Championship?

A: Ohio State Buckeyes

Q: When was the first official international game played?

A: 1872

Q: In bowling, what is the term used for getting three consecutive strikes?

A: Turkey

Q: Who is often called "the Maestro" in the men's tennis circuit?

A: Roger Federer

Animal Trivia Questions

Q: What does "hippopotamus" mean and in what language?

A: River Horse (Greek)

Q: True Or False - The Ceratosaurus, a dinosaur known for having a horn on the top of its nose, is also known to be a descendant of the Tyrannosaurus Rex.


Q: True Or False - An octopus can fit through any hole larger than its beak.


Q: True Or False - Kangaroos keep food in their pouches next to their children.


Q: True Or False - "Kamea," the Gilbertese Islander word for dog, is derived from the English phrase "Come here!"


Q: What do you call a baby bat?

A: Pup

Q: True Or False - The Platypus is a mammal.


Q: Which of these species is not extinct?

A: Komodo dragon

Q: What is the name of the copper-rich protein that creates the blue blood in the Antarctic octopus?

A: Hemocyanin

Q: What is the name of a rabbit's abode?

A: Burrow

Vehicles Trivia Questions

Q: The Italian automaker Lamborghini uses what animal as its logo?

A: Bull

Q: Which Italian city is home of the car manufacturer 'Fiat'?

A: Turin

Q: Which of the following passenger jets is the longest?

A: Boeing 747-8

Q: Which of the following car models has been badge-engineered (rebadged) the most?

A: Isuzu Trooper

Q: Which of these is NOT a car model produced by Malaysian car manufacturer Proton?

A: Kelisa

Q: True Or False - The full English name of the car manufacturer BMW is Bavarian Motor Works


Q: Automobiles produced by Telsa Motors operate on which form of energy?

A: Electricity

Q: Which Variable Valve Timing technology is used by BMW?


Q: True Or False - The General Motors EV1 was the first street-legal production electric vehicle.


Q: What are the cylinder-like parts that pump up and down within the engine?

A: Pistons