Thanksgiving is a time when we come together as family or friends and eat a delicious meal. There's also a lot of history behind this yearly tradition, and what better way to pass time (while the bird is cooking) than playing a game of trivia?

If you're looking for a list of fun, easy and interesting Thanksgiving trivia questions (and answers), you've found the best list on the internet.

Simply read off the list of questions at the dinner table and see who is the first one to yell out the answer - a Thanksgiving quiz is an excellent way to test everyone's knowledge of this widely celebrated holiday! Even if you don't know the answer, a fun Thanksgiving trivia game is a great way to learn more about this holiday itself.

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70 Fun and Easy Thanksgiving Trivia Questions!

Q: Green Giant broke a Guinness Record in 2019 for the largest green bean casserole. How much did it weigh?

A: 1,009 lbs

One of my favorite Thanksgiving dishes! Very underrated. Can't imagine 1,009 lbs of this though!

Q: The coldest Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade was what year?

A: 2018 (it was 19F)

Q: Turkeys mate for life. True or false?

A: False, they are polygamous

Q: Who said, "What if today, we were grateful for everyone?"

A: Charlie Brown

Cranberries, also known as...?

Q: Cranberries are also called what?

A: Bounceberries

Q: If only male turkeys gobble, then what sounds do the female turkeys make?

A: Clicking noises

Q: Which state grows the most sweet potatoes?

A: North Carolina

Q: What is the name of the only child born at sea during the Mayflower voyage?

A: Oceanus

Q: Turkey eggs are what color?

A: Tan

Do you do the wishbone tradition in your family?

Q: A Furcula is what?

A: The wishbone

Q: If Americans eat about 22 million turkeys at Christmastime, how many turkeys do they eat on Thanksgiving?

A: 46 million (that's double!)

Q: The Turkey Day Classic is held every Thanksgiving and is a:

A: Football game

Q: How many calories are in an average Thanksgiving meal (not including the dessert or drinks)?

A: 3,000!

Q: The day after Thanksgiving is always which observance?

A: Black Friday

Q: Who said this quote? "If you really are thankful, what do you do? You share!"

A: W Clement Stone (Author)

Q: The heaviest turkey ever raised weighed how much?

A: 86 lbs

Q: Why did farmers used to put booties on their turkeys?

A: To protect their feet when walking to the market

Q: Turkeys are color blind, true or false?

A: False

Q: Canadians celebrate Thanksgiving on which day of the week?

A: The 2nd Monday of October

Q: Which famous Christmas song was originally meant to be a Thanksgiving song?

A: Jingle Bells

Q: Breaking the wishbone in England is called what?

A: Merrythought

Q: Turkey has more protein than beef or chicken, true or false?

A: True, turkey has higher protein per ounce.

I don't usually follow football, but I do on Thanksgiving!

Q: How many NFL football games are played on Thanksgiving Day?

A: 3

Q: How much of the turkey is dark meat?

A: 30%

Q: What is the dangling skin under a turkey's neck called?

A: Wattle

Q: Approximately how many feathers does a full-grown turkey have?

A: 3,500

Q: Which state produces the most cranberries?

A: Wisconsin

Q: Which weighs more, domestic turkey or Wild turkey?

A: Domestic turkeys

Q: An old wives tale says that pumpkins are a cute for what?

A: Freckles

Does your turkey look as good as this one?

Q: Which state produces the most turkeys?

A: North Carolina

Q: How fast can a turkey run

A: 25mph

Q: The turkey is considered a sacrificial bird in which country?

A: Mexico

Q: Back in the early 1620's, the pilgrims celebrated a "Day of Humiliation."  What did they do on that day?

A: Prayed and fasted

Q: Originally, why did Parades became important to the Thanksgiving celebration?

A: They were a great publicity kick-off for the Christmas season

Q: 1690, what became the priority at Thanksgiving?

A: Food had overtaken the religious origins of Thanksgiving

Q: Why is Thanksgiving always observed on a Thursday?

A: The pilgrims went to church twice a week. Sundays and mid-prayer on Thursdays. They wanted to use the mid-prayer day as a day of thanksgiving.

Q: The governor of which state refused to issue a Thanksgiving Proclamation because he felt it was "a damned Yankee institution anyway."

A: Texas

Q: Which US president made Thanksgiving a national holiday?

A: Abraham Lincoln

Imagine what an adventure it would have been!

Q: Not everyone on the Mayflower was traveling to the New World to settle. What was the purpose of the others?

A: To get furs and lumber to send back to England

Q: The Mayflower was not built to be a transportation ship for people.  What was the original purpose of the Mayflower?

A: As a merchant ship carrying wine

Q: What year did the Mayflower set sail for the ‘New World’?

Answer: 1620

Q: When was green bean casserole introduced to Thanksgiving dinners?

Answer: 1955

Q: What kind of pie is associated with Thanksgiving and Fall?

Answer: Pumpkin Pie

Q: Which U.S President introduced the annual White House ‘turkey pardon'?

Answer: George H.W Bush

Q: Which U.S President made Thanksgiving a national holiday?

Answer: Abraham Lincoln

Q: When is Thanksgiving in Canada?

Answer: Second Monday in October

Q: Which U.S state consumes the most turkey every Thanksgiving?

Answer: California

Q: When was the first Thanksgiving parade broadcasted on TV>

Answer: 1946

Q: What happens at the end of Thanksgiving parades?

Answer: Santa Claus appears

Q: How many people were at the first Thanksgiving meal?

Answer: 50 Pilgrims and 90 Wampanoags.

Q: What do you call a female turkey?

Answer: Hen

Q: Which U.S State has the most turkeys?

Answer: Minnesota

Q: True or false: Turkeys can fly

Answer: True

Q: Which ‘Friends’ character said he hates Thanksgiving?

Answer: Chandler

Q: What is the average length of a ‘Turkey Trot’?

Answer: 5 miles

Q: Who organised the first Thanksgiving?

Answer: William Bradford

Q: When will Thanksgiving be in 2021?

Answer: 25 November

Q: True or False: The first pumpkin pies were made in England

Answer: True

Q: How long did the first Thanksgiving meal last?

Answer: 3 Days

Q: Which U.S state first adopted Thanksgiving as an annual holiday?

Answer: New York

Q: How much does the heaviest pumpkin weigh, according to the Guinness World Records?

Answer: 2,624.6 pounds/1,190.49 kg.

Q: True or False: Pumpkins are vegetables

Answer: False

Q: What type of meat was brought by Native Americans to the first Thanksgiving meal?

Answer: 5 deer

Q: When was the first Thanksgiving NFL football game?

Answer: 1934

Q: What countries recognise Thanksgiving as a national holiday?

Answer: Canada, Grenada, Liberia, Saint Lucia, and the United States

Q: Who began the tradition of ‘breaking the wishbone’?

Answer: The ancient Romans

Q: What holiday happens after Thanksgiving, but is not Black Friday?

Answer: Native American Heritage Day

Q: What is the most popular holiday destination for Thanksgiving in the United States?

Answer: Orlando, Florida

Q: How many seeds does a pumpkin have?

Answer: On average, 5,000 seeds

Q: Which continent does not grow pumpkins?

Answer: Antarctica