Halloween is just around the corner, and it's time to start buying candy and planning your costumes. But even if you have been celebrating it since you were a kid, how much do you really know about this spooky event? Put your Halloween knowledge to the test with these fun and challenging Halloween trivia questions.

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29 Fun Halloween Trivia Questions

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Q: In which country did Halloween originate?

A: Ireland

Which Catholic Church holiday is Halloween linked to?

Q: All Saints (Hallows) Day

Q: Why is the jack-o'-lantern associated with Halloween?

A: It is the name of a ghostly spirit from Irish folklore.

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Q: What is a "pagan" holiday?

A: A holiday not based on Christianity

Q: The day before Halloween is known as what?

A: Mischief Night

Q: The word Halloween comes from which Old English words?

A: "All Hallows' Eve."

Q: What do they call Halloween in Spain?

A: El Dia de los Muertos (Day of the Dead or All Souls Day)

Q: What is the origin of the jack-o'-lantern?

A: A tale from Irish folklore

Q: Which traditional Halloween game has its origins in a Roman harvest festival that honored the goddess of fruit trees, Pamona?

A: Bobbing for apples.

Q: What type of demon, originating from Arab mythology supposedly robs graveyards and feeds on human beings?

A: A ghoul.

Q: Which two colors are traditionally associated with Halloween?

A: Orange and black.

Q: And what do the two colors represent?

A: Orange represents the Fall harvest and black represents death.

Q: Which author wrote the novel Dracula?

A: Bram Stoker.

Q: Do pumpkins grow in the ground, on vines, or on trees?

A: On vines.

Q: ‘Guising’ is the Scottish and Irish equivalent of which Halloween tradition?

A: Trick or treating.

Q: Where is the world’s longest haunted house?

A: The Haunted Cave in Lewisburg, Ohio, is a whopping 3,564 feet long and located 80 feet underground!

Q: What should a person wear to trick evil spirits during Halloween?

A: Masks and Costume

Q: Which real-life historical figure formed the basis for Dracula?

A: Vlad the Impaler

Q: What is a male witch called?
A: A warlock

Q: What does the name “Dracula” mean?

A: Son of the Dragon

Q: What were Jack-o-Lanterns originally carved out of ?
A: Turnips

Q: The round orange pumpkins that are used for most jack o’ lanterns today are native to what continent?

A: North America

Q: What was Dr. Frankenstein’s first name?
A: Victor

Q: By what name is midnight also known?
A: The witching hour

Q: What is the title of a witch’s pet cat or toad?
A: A familiar

Q: Shakespeare's three witches from Macbeth were also known as . . . what?
A: The Weird Sisters

Q: What is the other, traditional name for a broomstick?
A: A besom

Q: Some people claim to be real vampires: true or false?
A: True

Q: Where do real vampire bats live?
A: North and South America