Random Pictionary Generator

If you love drawing games, and are always looking for new words to draw, you’re in luck. Thinking of new words to draw all the time can be difficult and annoying, so if you’re looking for random Pictionary words to play with, this is the perfect place. Our Random Pictionary Word generator is super useful if you don’t happen to have the cards lying around. If you ever need inspiration, just click the “Generate” button above to get a perfectly suitable random word to play Pictionary with!

How to Play Pictionary

The basic rules of playing Pictionary and Pictionary Air are really easy, because anyone can play! All you need are some pen and paper, and a list of words - which we’ve provided with our Random Pictionary Word Generator above. Here’s a quick breakdown of the rules:

Draw It is an online Pictionary game you can play for free

If you want even more words, head on over to Brightful. With over 10,000+ unique words to draw from, as well as a free Pictionary game for you to play with friends and family, you'll NEVER run out of words to draw!

Best of all, it's completely free and there's no downloads required.

  1. One player draws a picture without using any letters, numbers, words, gestures or other cues.
  2. Their partner (or a group) has to guess the word that the picture is supposed to represent.
  3. Set a time limit, and the team that has the most correct guesses in that time limit wins!

For a full breakdown of the rules, you will find our post of How to Play Pictionary useful.

That’s it! The beauty of this game is in its simplicity.

How to play Pictionary or other Drawing Games Online

Let’s say you are not in the same room with the other players. Can you still enjoy the creative outlet of drawing games? Of course you can! There’s a really easy to play Pictionary online, and that’s through a game called Draw It. You can find it over at Brightful Meeting Games, and the best part is you can play with anyone online. Invite your friends, family or colleagues into the lobby, and start drawing right away. There’s no need to worry about timers or scorekeeping, that’s all done for you as part of the game. It’s also completely free, so why not give it a go to get your drawing fix?

Play Pictionary Online with friends at Brightful

Frequently Asked Questions

What’s the difference between Pictionary and charades?

Pictionary and charades are both guessing games, where a the player expresses a word and the guesser tries to determine what that word is. The main difference is, in charades you are using acting and other cues, where as in Pictionary the only way you are allowed to express the word is through drawing.

How much time do you get in Pictionary?

This can be adjusted depending on the group size or the speed of which players are guessing the words. If the time is too short, then the rounds are not satisfying, but it can get tiring if the rounds are too long. A good rule of thumb is around 1 to 2 minutes, but feel free to adjust this as you see fit. In Draw It, you can adjust the timer to suit your liking.

Can I play Pictionary Online? Can I play without the game?

Yes! As mentioned above, a great way to get drawing right away is through Brightful Meeting Games. It’s all done online and can be accessed from mobile or desktop. Simply click the link and invite your friends. It’s that simple.

What else can I play if I enjoyed Pictionary?

Another great guessing game you can play is Describe It! It can also be found over at Brightful Meeting Games. It’s another guessing game where instead of using pictures to express a word, you use language. Of course, you aren’t allowed to say the word itself, but this is a fun and fast paced game that anyone can play.