Bring Your Classroom to Life with Brightful Games

As education moves online, teachers need new ways of interacting with the classroom. They need tools to help them keep students engaged. Playing Brightful games will help your students love remote learning.

Kick off your next meeting in style with a fun icebreaker game?

Make Remote Learning Fun and Engaging with Online Games

Remote learning makes it challenging for students to stay engaged with their online classes. Keeping their attention can be difficult - without the right stimulation, students can easily lose focus in video calls. Playing icebreaker games and group activities with Brightful allows you to transform your video calls into fun and engaging learning opportunities that your students will look forward to.

Games are an effective way to boost engagement and social cohesion. Studies have shown that playing even a quick icebreaker game before a meeting can improve communication, creativity and social skills. Our games are all designed to encourage interaction and help students develop positive behaviour like team work. Playing Brightful games allows you to create the optimal learning environment for your classroom.

  • Seamlessly create game rooms that don’t require accounts to play
  • Hundreds of games suited for educational purposes
  • PG rated content
  • Playable on any device - tablets, mobiles or computers

Create a Vibrant Environment for Learning

Play sparks curiosity and creativity. Brightful games are designed to encourage all participants to share and interact with each other, while giving you the controls to moderate and facilitate. Playing Brightful games before an online lesson is a surefire way to create excitement, priming everyone for an energetic lesson.

A Game for Every Scenario

Brightful is a platform of tailor made content for every situation in the classroom. Create energy and prime students for learning by starting your lessons with our icebreaker games. Use our games as a reward to incentivize good behaviour. Come up with creative ways to use our games to quiz your students on teaching materials. We are always adding fun games and new content - all in one place. This means you can focus your energy on your class and not on endlessly searching for new things to do..

Join a Community of Educators

Use our games as a tool for teaching. Utilizing Customized Games, you can transform any existing Brightful game into your own. Host a quiz by adding multiple choice questions with Trivia, or play Describe It with a list of specific words. Share content made by teachers from across the world. Brightful is a community of educators working together to make online learning fun. We give you the tools - you are only limited by your imagination.

Take Your Classes to the Next Level

Games make learning fun. Our age appropriate games are a fun way to kickstart your online lessons. With Brightful, you can make your students look forward to your classes. Seamlessly host, invite and play games with our easy to use platform.

The perfect tool for

Increasing engagement in remote learning
Creating teaching materials for any curriculum
Encouraging social interaction and connections
Helping students improve communication and participation

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