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Brightful makes icebreakers for virtual events simple

Kick off your next meeting in style with a fun icebreaker game?

Make Your Virtual Events Memorable and Fun with Brightful Games

It can be difficult to warm up a large crowd when running a virtual event. Brightful’s icebreaker games are the most effective way to create an engaging and memorable virtual event.

Present to a Warmed Up Audience Instantly create a fun and engaging atmosphere by kickstarting your events with Brightful games. Give your audience an activity that encourages mingling, communication and participation. Presenting an event to a crowd that has been warmed up and is paying attention will allow you to drive home your key message with ease.

  • Huge selection of content
  • Perfect game for every situation
  • Customize our games to suit your event
  • Max players in one game: 200
  • Endless content being made by the community
  • Works seamlessly with all devices - mobile, tablet or computer
  • Join and play in seconds, no sign up required for your attendees

Create a Game For Every Occasion With a wide selection of games to choose from and fully customizable settings, Brightful lets you tailor the icebreaker experience to suit your audience. Create your own game content to complement your event’s theme. Never run out of ideas for icebreaker games or group activities.


Help trainees reinforce knowledge by adding in Trivia games with your own custom questions.

Draw It

Help trainees reinforce knowledge by adding in Trivia games with your own custom questions.

Would You Rather

Let attendees get involved by hosting a lighthearted game of Would You Rather, a fun and easy way of polling the room’s opinion.

Easy to Use and Compatible With All Devices

Getting started with Brightful couldn’t be any simpler. Just host the game you want to play and share the link with your audience. Players can join in seconds without having to register, ensuring a smooth experience for all participants. Spend your focus on facilitating the event, and let Brightful take care of the rest.

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