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Play games that cultivate collaboration. Choose from a wide selection of games all designed to improve teamwork and productivity.

Kick off your next meeting in style with a fun icebreaker game?

Everything You Need in One Place With a huge variety of games at your fingertips, you will never run out of ideas. Brightful is an ever expanding resource for all things team building. Starting a game is easy - host a room and share the link to get started in seconds. Our games are all designed to cultivate team culture, so you can take the work out of finding things to play.

  • Huge selection of content to cycle through
  • Customize our games to suit your needs
  • Seamlessly host large rooms - no sign up needed to play
  • Works on any device and browser - tablet, mobile and computer
  • Permanent game rooms
  • Easy to use, endless replayability
  • Designed to foster communication and teamwork

Why Games?

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Frequent interaction is crucial for building team culture

With Brightful, you can transform any situation into a chance to build communication and rapport - whether it’s an icebreaker to kick off a meeting, or unwinding over social games.

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Boost collaboration with energizing icebreakers

Brightful’s icebreaker games kickstart your meetings by putting your team into a creative and communicative mindset.

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Games Are Fun

Turn work into play. Games that make time spent with colleagues fun mean more time spent growing deeper bonds.

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Build Cultural Awareness in a Global Team

Play is a universal language. No matter which part of the world your remote colleagues are living, celebrate diversity while finding common ground with Brightful games. Our games are purpose built to encourage sharing and communication. The more you play together, the more you grow together.

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Bring Your Team Together With Games

Remote work is a great way to give employees more flexibility and control of their time, however strictly nline communication can limit the amount of organic interaction when compared to the office environment. Playing games help us develop stronger bonds and relationships. Brightful’s games helps your remote team grow closer.

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Increase Meeting Engagement

Games are the most effective way to create engagement. Playing icebreakers designed to facilitate participation will carry over to more productive meetings. Ensure the right focus and energy is brought into the meeting.

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Practice Teamwork

Games create a safe and casual environment for your team to play, helping to naturally foster teamwork and communication, which carries over to working better together.

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Improve Employee Happiness

Employees who are close with their colleagues are much likelier to have higher job satisfaction. Games create rapport and closeness between team members, resulting in stronger feelings of camaraderie. Make your meetings something your team looks forward to.

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Seamlessly Onboard New Team Members

Joining a new team is never easy, but joining a remote team is even harder. Brightful’s icebreaker games pair perfectly with any video conferencing tool, so you can make new team members feel welcome even when they are remote. Build rapport instantly and effectively with our tailor made solutions.

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