Online Icebreaker Games for Remote Meetings and Remote Work

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This is a brilliant web app. Right now my team is working remotely and these games are the perfect icebreaker #staysafe

Aliana Blazer

I just ran a 5 question "would you rather" at the end of an online strategy summit I facilitated to get the energy up and it was brilliant, great prompts for conversation starters!

Stephen Shortt

Wow, this was refreshing. In one of our first team projects. I used this as an icebreaker and it got everyone super comfortable with one another, it was just great.

Daniel Hewitt

Kick off your next remote meeting in style

Restore the human interaction to your virtual gatherings. Our icebreaker games are the perfect companion for your video conferencing tool. Simply click and play - no sign up or downloads necessary.

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  • Work with all virtual conference tools

Icebreaker games for virtual meetings

All work and no play makes for a dull team. Start your next remote meeting with a bit of fun and laughter with our team building icebreaker games.


Life Group Catch-ups

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Grow deeper relationships in your Life Group with games designed to prompt sharing, learning and joy.


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