Social deduction games like Werewolf are an excellent way to have your team collaborate and get their brains working together. The games usually involve players secretly trying to identify who is who and use that knowledge against them. It’s a great way to have everyone work together and improve their investigational skills. There are tons of social deduction games available for remote teams to play together.

Usually, these games will make one player the evil culprit, and they need to remain hidden while putting the good guys against each other. They need to do everything they can to ensure the good team fails their missions, makes incorrect decisions, and so forth. It’s a great way to see how crafty some of your players are when placed in these situations. Among them, Werewolf is one of the more popular social deduction games available. As fun as Werewolf can bit, it’s always good to have other social deduction games to play. Here are some of the best Werewolf alternatives.


Mimic is another social deduction game that will test the player's wits and deception skills. The players need to decode the secret word or figure out which of their fellow players is the Mimic. At the start of the game, each player is assigned one of the three different roles, civilians, mimics, and blind mimics. Except for blind mimics, the other two roles shall receive a secret word.

During each round, the players need to take turns describing their secret words. Players need to pay close attention to the clues being provided by each player since that is how you will learn the roles of each player. Once a round of clues has passed, the voting process takes place, and players need to vote on who is the most suspicious one in their group. However, players need to be cautious of the blind mimic's appearance since they are the only ones who can instantly win the game if they manage to correctly guess the civilian's secret word.

Among us

Chances are, you’ve most likely heard of the hit sensation Among Us. The game grew into popularity during the late 2020s and continues to be a favorite among many people who enjoy social dedication games. It helps that the platform is available for PC, smartphone, and tablet devices. The game starts with everyone being assigned a role, the crewmate, and imposters.

Both roles are given tasks that need to be done before either side accomplishes their goals. Crewmates need to go around the ship and finish any objective they are given, such as getting rid of the trash or fixing the electrical wires. The imposter's job is to eliminate the crewmates as quickly and as silently. They also can sabotage the crewmates' tasks to slow their progress or create a distraction. Wherever someone finds a dead body, they get together in a chat room for emergency meetings to start making accusations, deflect attention, and vote on who gets kicked off the ship. After a couple of rounds, you and your team members will be addicted and saying the latest hottest memes to hit the internet, such as “Sus”.

Town of Salem

If you have any prior experience with playing werewolf, then this should be familiar enough. In The Town of Salem, the players are assigned one of the 48 unique roles, each having a different set of abilities, attributes, and goals. The game operates on a day and night cycle. Each day, the players need to decide on who they are going to execute. At night the murders and other mischievousness take place.

The actions a player takes at night will depend on their role. For example, doctors can heal a person, while tracks can follow another player, and plague bearers spread around the disease. Best of all, each round is entirely different from the other, depending on the roles played. There could be a wide range of interactions taking place under a single night.

Secret Hitler

Secret Hitler is a popular social deduction game that originated from a board game. However, there is an online version of Secret Hitler for you to play with your remote team. In this game, the players are split into two groups: liberals and fascists. The liberals need to pass at least five liberal laws or assassinate the Secret Hitler to achieve victory. The Fascists need to pass six of their policies or have Hitler elected as the chancellor after three fascist policies have been established. Some of the fascist players will be aware of each other's roles, but the one playing as Secret Hitler is not aware of who is on their side, only that they are the evil guy. Their mission is to ease suspicion and become elected as the chancellor.

Each player will have a turn in holding the role of president and having the power to nominate a chancellor. If the nomination manages to receive the majority of votes, the president draws three policy cards. The cards are color-coded and represent red for fascists and blue for liberals.  They then need to pass two of them onto the chancellor, who picks one to enact. shares some similarities to Among Us ad can be played on any platform. Players can choose to play it on browse, desktop, or smartphone devices. The app is currently only available for Android devices, but the developer is planning to release an iOS version sometime in the future.

Gameplay-wise, is most likely one of the more challenging games on this list of alternatives werewolf games. The players are either working together to accomplish tasks or as the traitor who needs to kill the crewmates one by one. The survivors will have several tasks they need to succeed and need to call meetings whenever they suspect someone on the team is the traitor. is an excellent social deduction game that increases the challenge and offers exceptional gameplay.


There you have it, our pick for some of the best social dedication games for you and your remote team to play together. Each of these games will provide you with endless entertainment and provide you with a different experience from each other. Remember that these games are supposed to be fun, so don’t let any grudges form just because you were eliminated first by your remote workers.