Social deduction games are an excellent way to get everyone to not only socialize with one another but attempt to encourage collaboration. Social deduction games have become increasingly popular in the past year, especially with hit sensations like Among Us rising in popularity last year. It helps that these games are generally easy for anyone to pick up, so even the most inexperienced players with online games can casually play with their remote team members.

Of course, in some of these games, you and the rest of your team pay for them. While they are not overly expensive, it can become a waste of money if the team doesn’t like the social dedication game. That is why we’ve decided to create a list of some of the best free social dedication games you and your team can try out.


First on our list of free social deduction games is Mimic. The game makes the players rely on their wit and deception skills to make it through each round. Players will need to decipher the secret word or figure which of the other players in the Mimic. To get started, you will need to get yourself four to sixteen players to start the match. Once you’ve created a game and sent the link to other players, you can get started on figuring out who is who. The game will assign each player a role they need to fulfill. The three roles are Civilians, Mimics, and Blind Mimics.

During each round, players need to take turns describing what their secret word is without outright telling them. Once the clue round has finished, everyone needs to vote on which player is the most suspicious one in the group. If a player has a different secret word than you, there is a good chance they are the enemy. Blind Mimics are capable of instantly winning the game if they guess the secret word of a Civilian.


Deceit differs from other social deduction games by providing a First-Person Shooter experience. The game has the one player infected with a deadly virus go around and infect the other players in the room. Each round will have six players, with two of them infected with a virus that turns them into a monster. The players are all locked inside a dungeon that they need to escape before they are wiped out.

Deceit has two phases that the player has to go through as they progress through the dungeon to escape from the creatures. During the day phase, the infected players search for their victims, while the non-infected players scramble around looking for items and deciding on whether to vote each other out or not. The players will vote for the person they wish to get rid of by stabbing or shooting them. During the blackout phase, players need to search for the fuses and place them to proceed to the next area. However, during this time, the infected transform into monsters and round around biting the non-infected players.

Enemy on Board

Enemy on Board is another social deduction game that is free to play among your remote team. All you need to do is download the game, and you should be set to go. The game has similar elements to other games like Werewolf and Among Us but manages to create its own twist to spice up the gameplay. Essentially it’s an online six vs. two multiplayer social deduction game where the two of the players are randomly chosen to be the Aliens, while six others become the Crew members. The Aliens must keep up their disguise as the good guys until the right opportunity appears for them to strike down the rest of the human players. The goal is to survive and outlast the enemy team.

The title of the game speaks for itself. Essentially it's a game about betrayal that can be played on every platform, including web browsers and mobile devices. At the moment, only Android phones have access to the app, but an iOS version is soon to launch.

Betrayal is a multiplayer cooperation game that assigns the players a different role as they star in a film called Betrayal. The one who takes on the role of the betrayer spends their time causing all sorts of problems. Crew members need to work together to make sure they achieve victory. The imposter has to go around carefully eliminating each crew member and ensure they do not get caught in the process. Crew members are required to complete several tasks assigned to them to escape from the deadly situation. Players can call meetings and vote to kick out the player they think is the imposter.

Island of Deception

The Island of Deception is a social dedication game that has eight players trapped on a deserted island due to an unexpected airplane crash. In this game, the players need to construct a boat to escape from the island. Two of the players will take on the role of the imposter and attempt to sabotage the ship and prevent the other players from leaving the island. The players have four days to escape the island, and they need to gather clues to figure out who among them is the imposter. Escape the island before the storm manages to hit your island to win the game.

Town of Salem

The Town of Salem prides itself on being a game about deception, lying, and mob hysteria. The game can provide players with an endless amount of fun. Town of Salem is available to play on Android, iOS, macOS, and Windows. The game can be acquired on Steam, but players can play the multiplayer web browser instead.

The game starts by dividing the players into different roles, Town, Mafia, Serial Killer, Arsonist, and Neutrals. If you are one of the Town members, your goal is to track the villains down before the mafia executives. Along the way, you’ll also be able to save some of the innocent players. However, the town members are not aware of which ones are a part of the mafia, serial killers, or innocent. The Town of Salem provides its players with 33 different character roles, bringing a sizable amount of diversity into the game.


All of the above-mentioned social deduction games are free to play. Some of them have cash shops where the players can buy cosmetics, but ultimately it’s unnecessary unless you wish to pimp out your character. Each of these games will provide you with a different level of experience, so you can switch on over to another one if the current game starts to get a bit stale for your team.