One of the many joys of being a remote worker is being able to play some online games with your colleagues. Fortunately, there have been several games that have come out that are easily playable. Social deduction games are just one of the many types of genres that have become increasingly popular among remote workers. However, there is one game that has global popularity, and it’s called Among Us.

Among Us is a social dedication game that can be online with other players. It requires the players to use their keen senses and brainpower. Released in 2018 by Innersloth, the game managed to gain massive popularity during 2020, and since then, it has continued rising in popularity with no stop in sight.

The game itself is pretty simple in its execution, but that doesn’t make it any less fun. The game has the players become paranoid over the fact that one of them is the imposter, killing off the rest of the crew and sabotaging their efforts to finish their tasks. If you and your team are the types who enjoy getting into all sorts of wacky situations, Among us is definitely for you. The game also has a space-themed UI and distinguishes the players between Crewmates and Imposters. As suggested in the title, crewmates are the good guys trying to finish their task and catch the imposter who is attempting to wipe them out. The players will use their deduction skills to find who among them is suspicious.

Of course, as fun, as this game is, there are only so many times you can play it before you decide on something entirely different. That is why we are going to provide you with some of the best alternatives to Among Us.

Werewolf by Brightful

Arguably one of the most popular social deduction games out there is Werewolf. It’s a game that keeps the players guessing throughout the entire game session. The concept behind Werewolf is reasonably simple: each player is assigned a specific role. If they are villagers, they need to survive each night by eliminating the Werewolf before everyone in the village is killed. The villagers all have a role and have special abilities. During each day, the villagers need to start a discussion and guess who among them is the Werewolf.

The ones who take on the role of a Werewolf need to eliminate the villagers each night without being spotted. They need to maintain an image of innocence to avoid getting caught and killed by the villagers. The match will continue until either the villagers have managed to guess correctly who is the Werewolf, or until the Werewolf has successfully eliminated every villager.

Project Winter

Project Winter is an excellent Among Us alternative that continues the theme of betrayal and deceptions. It is an online multiplayer game that can host up to eight players. Similar to Among Us, the idea revolves around the roles, survivors (good guys) and traitors (evil guys). The survivors are assigned various tasks that need to be finished, such as cutting down trees for crafting material, breaking rocks, harvesting berries and herbs, repair items to restore the bavin radio, and more. The survivors need to finish these tasks to survive the round while watching each other's backs.

The traitors are in charge of sabotaging the survivors' efforts to survive by causing mayhem by using traps and poisoning their food, ensuring they never escape. The better a traitor can blend with the survivors, the more intense the game will get.

Unfortunate Spacemen

While it’s another space setting, Unfortunate Spaceman does its spin on the theme. The game is an online multiplayer game about shapeshifting creatures murdering the rest of the crew. Gameplay-wise, the players are a group of unfortunate spacemen waiting for someone to rescue them from a failing outpost. However, the players need to finish their tasks and objectives before they can be saved. Of course, not everyone in your team is considered a friend. There is a shapeshifting alien creature disguised as one of the fellow crew members who is sabotaging your efforts and killing everyone one by one.

Unfortunate Spacemen can support up to 16 players and has 15 maps for you to play through, adding more variety than Among Us. It also comes with a 5-player story mode and a 10-player survival mode if you wish to change things up a bit.

Hidden in Plain Sight

Another excellent alternative to Among Us is Hidden In Plain Sight. The game is an outstanding party game for you and your team to play together. The game requires the players to accomplish several tasks without attracting any attention to themselves. That means they need to be sneaky and quiet as possible when dealing with the area littered with NPC characters. The goal is to blend in with the rest of the NPCs, finish your assigned tasks, and take out other players before they take you out.  However, one downside is that his game can only host 2-4 players at a time, so if you need something bigger than the others on this list might be best.


Barotrauma is another Among Us alternative that takes the players to the bottom of Europa’s ocean. The game is a very complex survival game compared to the other games on this list, especially since it has a more horror aspect to it. In this game, you take the role of a submarine crew tasked with completing several challenging missions and need to work together to survive the oppressive depths of Jupiter’s moon. Each round plays entirely different, making it a refreshing experience each time. Some of the tasks can be challenging and go wrong in many ways, and then there’s the traitor you need to deal with.

However, unlike the other games on this list, the traitor aspect is not the primary focus of this game. When you host a multiplayer game, you can set traitors to yes, no, or maybe, with the last one making the game more intense since you are not sure who on the team is going to potentially get you. Along with the traitorous crewmates, several underwater creatures want to get rid of you as well. The game requires your team to communicate with each other if they want to make it out alive from these dark waters.


Among us is a fun game for anyone who wishes to have a good time with their friends and colleagues. But the internet is filled with plenty of other social dedication games that could be far better suited for your tastes. Consider trying out one of these the next time you want to play something similar to AMong us, but with a different theme and style.