Asking somebody a question about themselves is a great way to learn more about them. After all, listening and developing a genuine interest in people is the best way to form meaningful relationships.

But what if you're in a situation with 50+ people gathered in one room, and need something to break the ice? It may be impractical to ask everyone to break out into private conversations.

Would You Rather is a fantastic way for a facilitator to break the ice and get everybody loosened up a bit before the main event.

Here's how to effectively use 'Would You Rather' questions to warm up a large room of people.

Step 1: Find a list of appropriate questions for your situation.

Every situation is a bit different, so it's important that you select the right Would You Rather Question that's appropriate. For example, if the situation is more informal, feel free to push people outside of their comfort zones a bit more by asking some funnier or even gross questions. Once you have a rough idea of the tone of the meeting, visit our collection of Would You Rather questions and make a short list that you will use on the day.

Check out our collection below:

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Best Would You Rather Questions

Step 2: Get everybody's attention

Explain the rules to everybody in the room. This part is easy, because this game's rules are designed to be as simple as possible. You will read out the question, and people will raise their hands depending on which option they choose. Since the questions are designed to be amusing, even considering the scenario will be enough to get some people thinking and talking.

Step 3: Facilitate some further discussion

The whole aim of icebreaker games is to get people talking, and out of their shells. If you sense a buzz in the room after a particular question, try to ride off of that energy and ask people why they chose it. Or if 99% of the room chose one option, try to poke, prod and comment on that. The game will give you plenty of options to ad lib, so try your best to ride off that energy.

And that's it! The game really is that simple - but a great way to bring people together.

What if meetings are remote?

Just because meetings are remote, it doesn't mean you can't play Would You Rather questions to warm up the remote conference. In fact, if you have a large group, the absolute easiest way for you to facilitate ice breaker games is with Brightful Meeting Games.

It works on mobile and desktop devices, is completely ad-free and all you need to do is share an invitation link and up to 100 people can join. The best part is it takes the pressure off of you for having to run the session, everything is taken care from the questions, answer and the timer. Then all you have to do is focus on the facilitation part of the discussion!


There you have it, Would You Rather questions are definitely an incredible way to power your meetings, online and offline. The next time you find yourself in a room of new people, don't be intimidated. Simply ask them a few of these funny questions and before you know it everybody will be gelling like old friends.