When’s the last time you picked up a pen and did a little drawing? Maybe it has been years since you expressed your creativity with pen and paper, or maybe you’ve attended an increasingly popular Sip and Paint class. Either way, chances are that you could do with a little more doodlin’ in your life!

Expressing your artistic side has plenty of benefits that carry over into your day and even your work. Studies have shown that having a creative outlet reduces stress, supports innovation and encourages problem solving. But the most important benefit of drawing is simply that it’s fun!

You may be wondering how to find time to draw considering your busy schedule. The answer, as always when trying to make change is to start small! A really easy, quick and fun way to start drawing again is by playing Pictionary.

Pictionary is a game where you draw a word and your friends try to guess what it is. You can find a full breakdown of the rules HERE.

What you need to play Pictionary

The only things you need to  play pictionary are: a pen, paper, and a list of words. Luckily for you, we’ve provided a list of words below that are perfectly suited for getting started. You just need to scrounge up that pen and paper (and your creative side).

Playing Pictionary online over Zoom or video call

Want to find an even easier way to play? Thanks to the magic of modern technology, you don’t even need pen and paper to play this classic drawing game. Head on over to Brightful Meeting Games and play Draw It! Join a lobby with your friends and have a great time. We’ll provide the list of words, as well as a timer and we’ll even help you keep score. The best news is that it’s completely free.

Brightful Meeting Games is designed to bring people closer together, regardless of physical distance. One of the best ways to do this is by having fun! Playing Draw It with your colleagues over Zoom is a great way to have fun while at the same time promoting creativity and team building with your remote colleagues.

Here’s a list of 107 Pictionary words to get you started on your path to becoming the next Picasso!

Easy Pictionary Words

Use these to warm up!

1. Bed

2. Furniture

3. Train

4. Rainbow

5. Paintings

6. Drawing

7. Cup

8. Plate

9. Bowl

10. Cushion

11. Sofa

12. Sheet

13. Kitchen

14. Table

15. Candle

16. Shirt

17. Clothes

18. Dress

19. Pillow

20. Home

21. Toothpaste

22. Guitar

23. Schoolbag

24. Pencil Case

25. Glasses

26. Towel

27. Watch

28. Piano

29. Pen

30. Hat

31. Shoes

32. Socks

33. Jeans

34. Hair Gel

35. Keyboard

36. Bra

37. Jacket

38. Tie

39. Bandage

40. Scarf

Medium difficulty Pictionary words

Getting a little bit hard…

41. Long underwear

42. Quicksand

43. Stomach ache

44. Vacuum cleaner

45. Swiss cheese

46. Cream cheese

47. Pizza crust

48. Bruise

49. Fog

50. Crust

51. Battery

52. Cereal

53. Blood

54. Moss

55. Thorn

56. Algae

57. Slug

58. Antenna

59. Butterfly wing

60. Parasite

61. Pollen

62. Asteroid

63. Family

64. Painting

65. Sketch

66. Wallpaper

67. Chandelier

68. Ketchup

69. Plane Ticket

70. Fruit Juice

71. Slippers

HARD Pictionary questions

Only attempt these if you’re a master of drawing!

72. Jello shots

73. Surprise party

74. Chili cheese dog

75. Mugshot

76. Moonwalk

77. Couch potato

78. Aurora Borealis

79. Leaning Tower of Pisa

80. Fairy

81. Hornets Nest

82. Immune System

83. Mushroom

84. The Sun

85. Zebra

86. Computer

87. Dust

88. Lawnmower

89. Moonwalking

90. Oyster crackers

91. Striped pajamas

92. Hiccups

93. Shaving cream

94. Giant zit

95. Breath mints

96. Snot bubbles

97. Body odor

98. Chicken pox

99. Crustacean

100. Froth

101. Plankton

102. Amoeba

103. Warmth

104. Softness

105. Dress Shoes

106. Shoeshine Kit

107. Chess Set