One of the ways to keep a game of Charades interesting is ensuring there are always words or prompts that keep everyone on their feet; demanding them to think harder as to how to act out the word they are given that will allow everyone to have an attempt to guess what it is.

If you are struggling to find unique ideas to add to your current list of words for Charades or want a challenge the next time you play, we have some suggestions for out-of-the-box Charades ideas.

The best way to play Charades is through Brightful. Charades is one of many games available that you and your colleagues, friends, and family can play together. It's free, works on any device and there are no downloads necessary. Act out the words that appear on your screen during your ongoing video call, and see who can guess the most words correctly before time runs out!

Out of the Box Charades Ideas List

The next time you find your current Charades game is getting a bit boring and uninspiring, refer to this list of words to act out to get everyone thinking creatively as to how to communicate these prompts non verbally. Pick as many or as little as you like, or even think of your own ways to spice up a round of Charades!

  1. Getting dressed/undressed
  2. Applying lotion
  3. Washing hair
  4. Buckling a belt
  5. Buttoning a shirt
  6. Feeding a baby a bottle
  7. Feeding a baby food
  8. Burping a baby
  9. Pushing a baby in a stroller
  10. Changing a diaper
  11. Cutting food with a knife
  12. Opening a can
  13. Putting dishes in the dishwasher
  14. Washing dishes in the sink
  15. Doing laundry
  16. Mopping floors
  17. Sweeping floors
  18. Vacuuming floors
  19. Dusting furniture
  20. Fluffing pillows
  21. Teacher
  22. Police officer
  23. Doctor
  24. Pro wrestler
  25. Beauty queen
  26. Hairstylist
  27. President
  28. Firefighter
  29. Waiter/server
  30. Santa Claus
  31. Banana
  32. Orange
  33. Ice cream
  34. Lollipop
  35. Bubblegum
  36. Spaghetti
  37. Sandwich
  38. French fries
  39. Hot dog
  40. Taco
  41. Milk and cookies
  42. Playing pool/billiards
  43. Bowling
  44. Fishing
  45. Smoking a cigarette
  46. Lighting candles
  47. Blowing out candles
  48. Sharpening a pencil
  49. Spray painting
  50. Applying makeup