Even if you are not the best artist, or are limited to simple stick-figure drawings, online drawing games can be a fun activity. They are a great way to think creatively and work together with your group to figure out what is being drawn out in front of you.

If you’re wondering what options are out there, look no further. We have a great selection of great drawing games we are happy to recommend. All of which are available online and for free!

These games are quick to set up and easy to pick up & play, and can be played from anywhere! There are plenty of options available for computers, smartphones, and tablet devices. All you need is something to serve as your ‘pen’: either your fingers on your touchscreen or mouse for you to ‘draw’ on your electronic canvas.

'Draw It' by Brightful

One of many games available on Brightful, ‘Draw It’ is easy to pick up and play, and works as a seamless companion with your video call. Brightful works on any device and there are no additional downloads necessary, as it works directly off of any web browser.

All you need to do to set up a new game is to log into your account on Brightful, launch a game room, and share the link to it with everyone you want to play with. Best of all, those you invite do not need to have Brightful accounts of their own to play! Spend less time worrying over setting up a game to play, and immediately jump into it in just a few minutes.

Each player takes turns drawing out a word, whilst everyone else attempts to guess what the word is. The faster you correctly guess what the word is, the more points you get! In addition, you can also personalize your ‘Draw It’ game to truly make it your own; Brightful’s custom games feature allows you to create a game focused on a particular theme or topic you find interesting!

In addition to ‘Draw It’, Brightful offers a diverse range of games and activities for your team to play with and keep things interesting at each video meetup. Explore options such as ‘Charades’, ‘Describe It’, ‘Werewolf’, or even simple icebreakers such as ‘Would You Rather'.

Quick Draw by Google

Have fun practising your artistic skills for a purpose. This free-to-play drawing game devised by Google allows you to simultaneously train an A. I (Artificial Intelligence). Each session consists of six rounds; you are given 20 seconds to draw out a randomised object selected from the game’s database. As soon as you begin drawing, the A.I will speak out its attempts to guess what you are drawing out. The round ends when you either run out of time or the A. I correctly guesses what you are trying to draw.

At the end of each session, you can view all six of your drawings and results. You can also view the A.I’s comparison and guesses with other words players other than yourself were given.


Chances are, you might have encountered one of Gartic’s counterparts through streamers on YouTube/Twitch, such as Gartic Phone. But the base game is just as fun and can make a great game for your remote team to play!

Free to play and accessible on iOS, Android, and Desktops, Gartic is yet another fun game to play with groups based on guessing words from drawings other players have done.

Furthermore, Gartic offers a lot of customization and flexibility, offering the ability to set up a custom room for a game on Gartic for up to 50 other players. In addition, players can select their game to include words from specific topics; as many or as little as they please.


Drawasaurus is a ‘draw and guess’ game that is accessible online to play through smartphones, tablets, and PCs. It’s your goal to draw out the word you’re given as best as you can, and let other players attempt to guess at what the word is. You can either play within a private room or play with the entire world of players currently online.

One of the great features of Drawasaurus is that no additional accounts need to be set up, nor do you need to link any third party social media accounts to play. Simply come up with a nickname for your player account, and you can instantly jump into a game room with your team, or join a public room. Spend less time trying to set up an account, and spend more time playing the game with you and your team!

Draw Something

This popular mobile game currently run by Zynga is still online today! Even better, it is now available to play on platforms other than your smartphone!

The way to play Draw Something hasn’t changed over the years. You and other players take turns drawing a picture of a given word, the other player(s) attempt to guess correctly the word from the drawing they see. Whoever is drawing will have a choice between three words, ranked between one and three stars. One represents an easy word, whereas three is a difficult word (but is worth more points).

When a player is finished drawing, those who are attempting to guess what the word is will watch a stroke-by-stroke replay of the drawing coming together. They will also be given a number of blank spaces (the number of which depending on how long the word is) and a selection of randomised letters. Their task is to spell out the word representing the drawing they just saw. They have unlimited attempts to guess the word, with the drawer able to watch each attempt as it is made.