Charades is a classic group activity that everyone knows the basics of, or has played at least once. The premise of the game is simple: without saying what the word is (movie, celebrity, animal etc.), act out the word in front of your group while they attempt to guess what it is you are trying to communicate.

To provide some interesting and funny ideas for your next Charades game, we have a list of 60 funny words you can try to act out. Give them a go the next time you play Charades. See if you can get everyone else laughing as you attempt to get your team closer to the word you are trying to express!

The best way to play Charades is through Brightful. It’s one of many games available that you and your colleagues, friends, and family can play together during your next video call. It's free, works on any device and there are no downloads necessary. Just act out the words that appear on your screen during your ongoing video call, and see who can guess the most words correctly!

List of Funny Charades Ideas

Want to put someone on the spot? Expand out of your comfort zone? Or just simply get the whole group cracking up for a bit as a way to unwind. Follow our suggestions for funny Charades words and prompts to act out.

  1. Hangover
  2. Doctor Evil
  3. Cringe
  4. Party Pooper
  5. Dongle
  6. Stage Fright
  7. Gamer
  8. Tardy
  9. Pass Out
  10. Ear Trumpet
  11. Cradle
  12. Bartender
  13. Doggy Bag
  14. Vlogger
  15. Parking Ticket
  16. Fanboy/fangirl
  17. Ambulance
  18. Deodorant
  19. Lion King
  20. Scatterbrain
  21. Hawker
  22. Clumsy
  23. Cow
  24. Ballerina
  25. Locksmith
  26. Troublemaker
  27. Hello Kitty
  28. Pickpocket
  29. Bullfighter
  30. Bouncer
  31. Jell-O
  32. Barista
  33. Devil
  34. Disneyland
  35. Rockstar
  36. Yardsale
  37. Roulette
  38. Superhero
  39. Knight
  40. Bicycle
  41. Michael Jackson
  42. Workaholic
  43. Sandstorm
  44. Micetrap
  45. Objection
  46. Nightmare
  47. Minecraft
  48. Cold Turkey
  49. Breaking Bad
  50. Breakdancing
  51. Acrobatic Pilot
  52. Food Fight
  53. Donkey
  54. Gossip Girl
  55. Road Rage
  56. Timewaster
  57. Big Boss
  58. Penguin
  59. Lightning McQueen
  60. Mad Scientist