What makes Christmas so great is all the time spent together with family and close ones. With everyone gathered in one place, it's also the perfect time to play some fun, lighthearted games. A Christmas Would You Rather is a perfect example of this - it's something that fits the festive mood and is easy and fun that everyone can play.

To play Christmas Would You Rather, or Christmas This or That is easy. Simply ask everyone around the table which option they would rather pick. Once everybody has made their choice, feel free to discuss together.

Bonus tip: If you're playing Christmas games with the family, why don't you try Werewolf? It's a festive game that will be sure to have your whole group roaring with laughter.

The Best Christmas Would You Rather Questions List

Would you rather be at home on Christmas and get lots of presents or go to Disneyland for Christmas but not get any presents?

Tough choice, Disneyland and opening Christmas presents are both such happy things

Would you rather sing the correct lyrics (Jingle Bells) or the funny version (Batman smells)?

This depends on your maturity, not your age

Would you rather make presents for your family instead of buying them or make ornaments for your Christmas tree instead of buying them?

Handmade items are more meaningful but handmade ornaments are very beautiful

Would you rather have a present or a homemade Christmas card?

Sentimental or practical?

Would you rather have a Christmas tree that was already cut down and decorated or cut down and decorate it yourself?

Do you enjoy the process or just the end result

Would you rather give a gift or receive a gift?

Answers may change as you get older

What was on your wish list this year?

Would you rather have a gingerbread house or a gingerbread person?

Have you ever noticed that they both taste different?

Would you rather have a walk in the snow or drive in the snow?

One's cold the other is dangerous

Would you rather have egg nog or a hot cocoa?

Most people definitely have a preference

Would you rather have a Christmas dinner or a Christmas lunch?

This tradition may depend on your family's preference

A good way to burn off those extra calories

Would you rather shovel the snow in the driveway or mow the lawn?

Both are things that need to be done once in a while

Would you rather have a snow day or get double pay?

Do you have penalty rates in your country?

Would you rather have a Christmas vacation or summer vacation?

Both have very different vibes

Would you rather open presents on Christmas Eve or Christmas morning?

Delayed or instant gratification?

The thought of a Christmas feast makes my mouth water

Would you rather have a Christmas ham or a turkey?

If you're vegetarian you can skip this question

Would you rather work at the mall on Christmas Eve or the day after Christmas?

Both days will be super busy

Would you rather have a real Christmas tree or a reusable one?

Convenience or the real deal

Would you rather write a letter to Santa or send him an email?

We're living in the 21st century after all

Ho Ho Ho! You've got mail!

Would you rather do Secret Santa or receive a gift card?

Sometimes we end up returning the gifts anyway

Would you rather watch the Santa parade or the Christmas parade?

Santa and Christmas are synonymous in my books

Would you rather have your family home for Christmas or away for a week of vacation?

Sometimes seeing family can be a bit stressful

Would you rather eat cookies or candy canes?

Both are Christmas treats

Would you rather have Christmas Eve at your house or someone else’s house?

It's nice to host, but it can also be a lot of work

Would you rather listen to Christmas songs on the radio or watch Christmas movies on television?

What are your favorite Christmas songs and movies?

One of my favorite things about Christmas are the carols

Would you rather have a white Christmas or a green Christmas?

This may depend on which hemisphere you live

Would you rather have the smell of pine needles or the smell of cinnamon?

Nothing gets me more in a festive mood than those smells

Would you rather sing carols during the holidays or read your favorite book on vacation?

What are your favorite carols or books?

Would you rather eat Christmas cookies or gingerbread cookies?

I would want them both

Would you rather have a white Christmas or a green one?

This may depend on which hemisphere you live in

I love the idea of a Winter Wonderland

Would you rather have snow for Christmas or lots of sunshine for Christmas?

Snow is cosy, but sunshine means outdoors activities

Would you rather watch The Grinch movie or Elf movie?

I actually really like both of them

Would you rather get a Christmas present or the money to buy your own gifts?

Is it the thought that counts?

You don't have to be just limited to these questions to create your own Would You Rather - Christmas Edition! You are always welcome to add, create, or think of more ideas for Would You Rather Christmas questions to see how everyone views or approaches the festive season.