We’re a company that believes in achieving our full potential, on an individual level and as a team. Here are the shared values that we rally behind!

Keep Growing

Shed the fixed mindset that holds us back and tells us that we can only do and learn certain things. There’s always a way to work around obstacles, overcome challenges, and learn from mistakes. By embracing this growth mindset, we’ll achieve things that were never thought possible.

  • When we encounter a very difficult problem, we believe we will find a solution or a workaround.  There is always a way if we persevere.
  • We know we are often wrong.  As a result, we are always humble and we actively listen and learn from others.
  • When we don’t have an answer, we simply say “we don’t know”.  We don’t pretend to know everything or give out inaccurate answers that lead to errors.

Let Curiosity Lead

Instead of jumping to judgement, embrace diversity. Be curious. Have the best intentions. This leads to real collaboration, trust, and an environment where we share our thoughts and work effectively together.

  • We realize we have unconscious biases that often lead to the wrong assumptions.
  • We don’t jump to conclusions. Instead, we are patient and we actively listen to figure things out and to educate ourselves.
  • When we see something that we believe is wrong, we don’t place blame. Instead, we take ownership of the problem, let curiosity lead us to a root cause, and work together on a solution.

Put We Before Me

We’re here for the benefit of our users, our team, and company — not for the sport of office politics or the satisfaction of selfish pursuits. When we make the best decision for the team, we all succeed.  

  • We work together because we all want to make a difference.  Therefore, we always put our users, our team, and our company first.
  • When we see something is wrong, we know that our coworkers have the best intent in their hearts.  We trust that they are putting our users, our team and company first, and we respond with curiosity as to the cause.
  • We take initiative and actively bring the team’s attention to problems we have.  The earlier we know about a problem, the easier it is to solve it.

Make Everyday Count

We don’t expect everyone to work crazy hours, but we will work hard. We’re here to make an impact in the world, which means being committed to solving problems and getting the job done. And when we do it right, it gives both our work and the time spent beyond it more meaning.

  • We don’t waste time or resources.
  • We work hard  and save time during the work day so that we may maximize time with those important to us outside of work.
  • We work hard, flexibly, and we don’t work crazy hours.
  • Once a decision is made, we rally behind it to make things happen.  We don’t second guess ourselves and waste time.

Choose Optimism

We’re “glass half full” type of people. While we will inevitably worry about things, we remain eternally optimistic. Positivity brings us energy and leads to better outcomes.

  • We bring positive energy to our work and our team everyday
  • When the odds are against us, we are resilient and we keep working towards our goals
  • We believe in our mission and our team