Being funny is not always seen as the top priority in the workplace. In general we tend to tone down our humor in the office in fear of offending a coworker - or worse yet, our boss!

With that being the case, always taking ourselves too seriously can potentially create a build up tension in the office. If humor is encouraged in the workplace, it can help alleviate tension and stress, both which are huge blockers of creativity.

Being funny is also important when building relationships. Laughing at the same jokes signals to one another that we share the same values and beliefs. This is why people all over the world want friends and colleagues who share their sense of humor.

The next time you catch-up with your colleagues for a team meeting, try making a joke that can lighten the mood. It will surely help to break the ice and facilitate meaningful discussions and relationships.

Playing Icebreaker Games

The simplest way to get people laughing is to play a quick icebreaker before your team meeting. Playing games like the ones found on Brightful Meeting Games allows funny situations come up organically, and those type of situations are always the best for easing tension.

Here is a list of 7 practical tips on how to lighten the mood in the office

Laugh at your colleagues - I mean, with them. With them!

1. Play improv games with your team

Improv games teach us to get out of our comfort zones, and it’s okay to be a bit of a goof and laugh at ourselves.

2. Expand the scope of your conversations

If all you talk about is work, it can be hard to find anything humorous to bring up. If something funny happened over the weekend, be sure to bring the story up!

3. Watch your tone of voice

Not all of us are gifted with an infectious laugh or sense of humor. What we can control though, is our tone of voice. If something funny happens, be sure to bring it up with an upbeat tone. It is almost guaranteed to brighten someone’s day!

4. Incorporate the catch-phrase “You know what I mean?”

This is a fantastic technique to convey some comedic relief, and avoid offending your boss or coworker. It’s also good for helping people catch up when they weren’t listening closely to your previous conversation.

Waiting for that perfect time to drop a zinger

5. Be interested in your coworkers

Use questions and statements about their interests to determine the basis for a humorous conversation.

6. Laugh at yourself

Laughing at oneself is a wonderful way to show that you don’t take yourself too seriously. Be sure to admit your mistakes and have a sense of humor about your flaws and weaknesses. Being able to laugh at yourself shows a willingness to learn and grow.

7. Use situational humor

Being funny when there is an awkward pause in conversation is a great way to keep things moving. Even if it doesn’t lead to a full blown conversation, you can still be funny by giving a funny facial expression or gesture.

Why be funny when memes can do the job for you?

8. Bring up funny/interesting articles on the internet

The internet is loaded with hilarious, and interesting articles and news pieces. Try not to be the person that brings it up every day, and you’ll be that much better!