If you run a lifegroup or a Sunday school, you are probably always on the lookout for new activities or games to play with the group. These activities can be great for breaking the ice, but ideally they would be educational as well. Bible Pictionary is a great game to try out, because it's exciting, fast paced and creative.

How to play Bible Pictionary

Pictionary is a game where player draw an item or a phrase, and everybody else guesses. Split into teams, and set a timer. Take turns drawing and guessing, and the team with the most correct guesses after everybody has a turn wins.

Bible Pictionary is great for groups of 8-12.

Bible Pictionary List of Words

Although the original Pictionary board game comes with game cards that have hundreds of words on them for you to draw from, there isn't a Bible friendly version readily available on the market. The good news is that you can play this game without any third party tools. All you really need is pen, paper and a list of words (which we've provided below), and your creativity! You can even use your phone as the timer.

Playing other Bible Games Online

We've gathered all the best Bible games and put them online for convenience. If you head over to Brightful Life Group Games, you'll find a selection of Bible games to play during your life groups. The games are completely free, and include a lot of great learning materials from the Bible. The most popular games are Bible Trivia and Describe It!

You can play Bible Pictionary for free over at Brightful

Here is a list of Bible Pictionary phrases for you to draw:

TIP: Sometimes the answer will be close enough, but not exactly what is written in the phrase. The drawer can use their judgment to determine if the guesser had the right idea!

Ten Commandments


Tower of Babel

Golden Calf

Roman Empire

The Messiah

The Last Supper


Sermon on the Mount

Holy Grail

Noah's Ark


Solomon's Temple


The Burning Bush


Ten Plagues of Egypt

Adam and Eve

The birth of Jesus

The lost sheep


Jesus feeds the five thousand

The Good Samaritan

The parable of the lost coin

Jesus raising Lazarus

The Last Supper

Jesus washing the feet of the disciples

Jesus at Gethsemane

The Ten Commandments

Jesus is in the Garden of Gethsemane

The death of Judas Iscariot

Jesus' resurrection from the dead

Jesus gives the Great Commission

Jesus is born in a manger

Jesus' baptism

The Sermon on the Mount

The day of Pentecost

The calling of the first disciples

The blood of the lamb

King Herod asks to see Jesus

Jesus casts a demon out of Mary Magdalene

Jesus calls Simon and Andrew into the ministry

The storm at sea

Jesus walks on water

The Good Shepherd

The parable of the Sower

Jesus calming the storm

The parable of the Good Samaritan

The ten plagues of Egypt

The Israelites go forth from Egypt

Joshua crosses the Jordan River

Solomon’s wisdom

Hezekiah’s tunnel

Samuel anoints Saul

Jesus calms the storm

Judas betrays Jesus with a kiss

John baptizes Jesus in the Jordan River

Paul preaches in Lystra

Jesus speaks in parables

Peter denies Christ

The prodigal son returns home

Christ asks to be alone with Peter

The Twelve Apostles cast lots for Judas' belongings

God takes Moses to a high mountain

God has compassion on the people

Jesus calms the sea with his word

Moses lifts the serpent in the wilderness

Jesus takes bread, breaks it, and gives it to his disciples

Jesus promises eternal life

Zechariah's message from God comes true

Jesus curses the fig tree in his Father's name

Peter denies Christ three times

The parting of the Red Sea

Jesus heals the sick

The blind see

Jesus feeds a crowd of 5,000 people with 7 loaves of bread and a few fish.

Jesus walks on the water

The death of Jesus

The resurrection of Jesus

The Second Coming of Jesus

Noah's ark


David and Goliath

Jonah and the whale

Elijah being fed by an Angel

Jesus feeding the multitude

Healing of the paralytic

The Cross

The Ascension

The Red Sea Crossing

Jesus turning water into wine

The betrayal of Christ

Joseph forgives his brothers

Moses dividing the Red Sea

The first Easter

The Crucifixion

Jesus' resurrection

Jesus returns to Jerusalem

Daniel and the lion's den