We're excited to announce some big changes

Brightful Life Group games will be temporarily unavailable as we make some big changes to our system. In the meantime, you will find an even larger selection of family friendly icebreaker games at Brightful Meeting Games.

Staying committed to the vision

When we created Brightful Life Group Games, we wanted to create ways to bring people together in a meaningful way. That vision has not changed, we are more committed than ever in that regard. However, since we are a small team, our resources need to be consolidated. For this reason, Life Group Games will become integrated with Brightful Meeting Games.

What's next?

We plan on adding some very exciting features that include game customization, as well as new popular life group games such as Werewolf. All the content that you know and love from Brightful Life Group Games will eventually be made available again on an even more powerful platform that gives you more control over the content your Life Group sees. Collect and share content with other churches and communities.

Stay tuned

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