Online Icebreaker Games for Remote Meetings and Remote Work

Need something fun to warm up your Bible Study?

Just because you've moved your Life Groups online, it doesn't mean you have to lose the human connection. We've designed Brightful Life Group Games to spark a little fun in your next virtual gathering - all while helping us learn about God's Word!

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Kick off your next meeting in style with a fun little icebreaker?

How it works

  1. Gather everyone into your virtual conference using your existing meeting tool (eg. Zoom or Skype).
  2. Pick a Brightful Life Group game to host. No signup or download required.
  3. Share the invitation to your Life Group and you’re good to go. Enjoy the game!

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Would You Rather

Game #1 Would You Rather

The classic question game that stretches your imagination with Bible based hypothetical scenarios. There are no right or wrong answers... but be prepared to justify your response! The perfect game for getting your Life Group to open up a bit.

Game #2 Trivia

Are you as wise as Solomon? Find out by playing some Bible Trivia. A fantastic way to learn more to put your Bible knowledge to the test.

Describe It!

Game #3 Describe It!

Test your knowledge of Biblical terms. Describe it! is a game where you're allowed to say anything (except the word itself of course) to let others guess your word. Score as many correct guesses as you can before the timer reaches zero!

Game #4 Q of the Day

Encourage sharing and opening up in your life group. Get to know one another on a deeper level by taking turns answering thought provoking questions that are centred around Christian life.

Q of the Day

Connect Deeper with One Another

Social isolation has changed the way we interact, and churches and life groups have moved online. We believe that being socially distanced doesn't mean we have to give up on those little human interactions that us grow closer to one another. Our mission is to bring a little joy into your online gatherings.
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