We pride ourselves on our care for your privacy and security

Building trust with our users requires transparency. That’s why instead of hiding “gotchas” inside paragraphs of fine-print, we want to clearly outline our policies in easy to read English. On this page you’ll find everything you need to know about our company, and how we treat your data and privacy.

Got questions? Let’s get them answered.

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Brightful is built for communities. While we have empowered the group administrators to moderate their individual groups, we have application wide guidelines on how we expect users to behave.

You can read our full Community Guideline Policy below.

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Brightful is hosted in data centers maintained by industry leading service providers, offering state of the start physical protection for the servers and infrastructure that comprise the Brightful operating environment.

To read more about Brightful’s Security Policy, click below.

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Your privacy is something we take seriously. We will never rent or sell your data. 

You can read our full Privacy policy below.

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