Online Icebreaker Games for Remote Meetings and Remote Work BACK

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Permanent Game Rooms

  • Eliminate the need to create new game rooms. Host a permanent room that you will always have access to.
  • You can even choose your own game room ID!
Permanent game rooms
Build your own games

Build Your Own Games

  • Unlock the ability to add your own categories, questions and answers to any icebreaker game.
  • Make a trivia game about your upcoming product launch, or play Describe It! with people’s names from your office.

Customized Look and Feel!

  • Choose from a selection of themes, colors and personalized banners to transform the interface into one that suits any occasion - whether it’s for a product launch or a surprise birthday party.
  • Add your own logo to the game room to make everyone feel at home; the choices are endless.
Customized Look and Feel
Want to be notified when we launch these new features?

Remote Teams love our games

This is a brilliant web app. Right now my team is working remotely and these games are the perfect icebreaker #staysafe

Aliana Blazer

I just ran a 5 question "would you rather" at the end of an online strategy summit I facilitated to get the energy up and it was brilliant, great prompts for conversation starters!

Stephen Shortt

Wow, this was refreshing. In one of our first team projects. I used this as an icebreaker and it got everyone super comfortable with one another, it was just great.

Daniel Hewitt