What is Brightful?2019-11-13T04:26:31+00:00

Brightful is an iOS / Android super-organizer that integrates life’s most essential tools on one platform. Instant messaging, calendar, file-sharing and an inbuilt Bible addon are features that are included at launch… with many more to come.

Who is Brightful for?2019-11-13T04:26:50+00:00

Our application is designed for groups that wish to engage with one another on a meaningful level – such as a Life group or Bible Study group at your local church. Using Brightful, the team can discuss topics effectively, organize events and share resources.

Can I invite a friend from outside my church, organization or team?2019-11-15T02:43:21+00:00

Currently you cannot invite users from outside the closed group you have been invited to. Since we are in a closed alpha release, please only use the invitation system to invite people who belong to the same organization.

I’ve downloaded your Application from the App/Play store but I don’t have an invitation code2019-11-15T03:23:25+00:00

We are currently in Closed Alpha release, meaning we are working closely with invited teams only. If you would like to reach out and use this application for your organization, we’d love to hear from you, please contact us at [email protected]

What are some things I can do with Brightful?2019-11-15T02:49:10+00:00

Brightful has all your daily organization needs in one place, including:

  • Chat – group chat and private chat
  • File sharing – store your files on our cloud
  • Event organization – create and sync events with your calendar of choice
  • Inbuilt Bible application – send verses and add personal annotation
  • Personal notes – take notes on Resources shared from the group
What version of the Bible is currently supported by Brightful?2019-11-15T03:21:57+00:00

We support the NET version of the Bible. We have plans to expand our support to different versions, so if your organization would like to make a request please contact us at [email protected]

Are you a Christian Organization?2019-11-19T04:22:41+00:00

Brightful is a secular company whose values align with those of the Christian community. Our mission is to help people live more meaningful lives in this increasingly disconnected world. One of the ways we think we can help is by creating tools to increase engagement within Churches. To read more about our values and mission, please click here.

How can I use Brightful to build engagement with my community?2019-11-19T05:48:25+00:00

Brightful is designed to help you manage and build engagement with your communities. It should be used as a dedicated platform for your organization’s purpose. For example, as a discussion board for your weekly Bible study group.

How safe and private is my data?2019-11-19T05:52:43+00:00

Here at Brightful we take your personal data very seriously. Our policy very straight forward – we will NEVER rent or sell your personal data. Your trust means everything to us, and we would never do anything to breach that trust. Your conversations are private and will remain on our servers. However, we may use some data or metadata to maintain and to provide improvements to our services. 

Please read more about our privacy policy here

How does Brightful make money?2019-11-19T06:25:48+00:00

Brightful follows a freemium model. This means our core product is free to use, without advertisements. When we release new and exciting features, our most enthusiastic users can choose to support us by upgrading to Premium.

Brightful will never rent or sell your personal data to any third party!

What’s the best way to get in contact with the team at Brightful?2019-11-19T05:58:40+00:00

If you have any questions, suggestions or feedback please contact our team at [email protected]